Our Story

Launched in 2020, Tiny Leopards is a family-owned business based in Los Angeles, California. The company is run by the Frolov-Alvarado family and founded by Katrina Frolov, an eczema mama. 

The family's firstborn was diagnosed with chronic eczema at two months of age. Over the next two years, the eczema advanced, changed, and became a staple in the family's daily life. It was during this time that they realized that there were few products on the market that were specifically designed for itchy babies - those that had the right fabric didn't have the right design, and most were inadequate altogether. The idea for the Tiny Leopards footie was born - the softest, moisture-wicking pajama with built-in, retractable gloves.

Over the course of the next year, Katrina poured over designs of the prototypes, tested the efficacy of production samples with the help of her son (lovingly dubbed as "The Original Tiny Leopard"), and built a small, organic community of eczema parents around the notion of celebrating our babies' skin - eczema and all.